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Because I might-have-not-so-much-would-say-I've-gotten-a-bit-of-the-writing-bug again. Also hello again, flist, and have a recycled meme, especially for the writers.

When you see this, post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

NOTE: These are all my WIPs *and for collabs, from my share of the writing*.

Homu/Mado for now one-shot, potential multichap fic

Homura: W-wait, is that snow outside? It's not supposed to be snowing in April...
Madoka: Silly, it's January. We just took the National Admissions Test. For university. (Checks forehead) Are you sure you're all right?
Homura: January? University?
Madoka: Homura-chan?

Ami/Mako (Sailor Moon)

"Say, Ami-chan..."

"What is it? Peering up from her English vocabulary book, learning the 55th word of the day, she waited for her to continue.

"You're fluent in German, right?"

"Well, technically I'm still learning...why do you ask?"

A letter was handed to her.

Oh dear, the dictionary would call this situation "ironic".

Utena for 10 shakespeare

A letter from the End of the World had arrived. I tore it into pieces.

No I'm not noble. No I'm not a Prince. Everyone has secrets they have to keep, right?

But I am a fool.

She held something in her hands. The letter pieces taped together. Very much whole again.


It is the horribly dubbed version shown, the one with guns for swords and drug abuse. And maybe the crossdresser was attracted to him but all for nothing since she knows he died at the end of the movie. It's a classic, after all.

Chidori has nothing to do. Her sketchbook's still missing. Odd, since she has one, but it seems blanker than usual. So white it makes her unable to draw anything. Not even the shadow in her dreams.


Somewhere out there is her man, and all signs point to him wearing a fedora.

Naoto/Rise for the kink meme

“I see…” Rise glanced again at the package before smiling and grabbing Naoto’s other arm.

“C’mon you’re walking me back to the shop. I promised to help Grandma today.”

Naoto gave a small smile as Rise led them to the Central Shopping District.

“Very well. It shall be my pleasure.”

A week later, Naoto still couldn’t meet Rise’s eyes, just short of avoiding her as much as possible.

10_orders, "Go to Hell"

"Alright, after the Steppes should be the Maharabara--we'll make good time to Oerba," Fang concluded to everybody as she was already on her chocobo, riding off first to scout for a decent campsite just in case. Splashes of water could be heard as the chocobo ran off, until Sazh couldn’t hear it anymore. Noticing a shadow looming over him, Sazh’s spine seemed to be locked in place as he tentatively turned his head and the rest of his body towards it.

It being a fully grown chocobo, staring down at him (or his afro, he couldn’t tell) with its beady eyes. Those eyes…and Sazh wanted to shudder at them.

Soul Sister

“Roger that,” she said, and cut off the link. This was going to be a long day. Checking to see if her Grav-Con Unit was fully charged, she took a Corps airbike to her destination. Might as well ride than run all the way over there. She mused that it shouldn’t be too difficult; she already had fifteen Corps Privates on station, and Amodar himself was meeting them later, after checking up on headquarters. Revving the bike, she took a shortcut, cutting across most of the shopping district, before the stores were even open, and within ten minutes, landed at the destination point of Tiger 34, Crane 75, also known as one of the edges of Bodhum’s waters.

“Sargeant!” The soldiers yelled, textbook Guardian Corps greeting and all. She definitely could get used to obedient subordinates, that was for sure. She replied with her own, hand folded parallel to her body, knees locked together, the firm posture indicating she had been doing it so much it was a sixth sense for her.

“At ease.”


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