Fandom post: Saiyuki Reload BLAST E02

Jul. 15th, 2017 07:27 pm
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Saiyuki Reload BLAST E02 (7/10) → I'm not mad I'm just disappointed that this was a pure filler ep and not a Gaiden flashback. That being said, [ profile] Moertono_ did point out it was a good ep characterization-wise and I totes agree. (I will never get over Saiyuki showing Goku as a big bro. NEVER.)

Personally, the most noteworthy thing in the episode (aside from the completely hilarious Urasai) was them showing the Houtou peeps again. Gyokumen looked damn fine like wtf. I never really found her attractive before but woah. Sadly, still no Lirin and Yaone.

Urasai kinda rekindled my love for Sanzo/Kougaiji which was pretty unexpected hahaha. Nowhere near, "I gotta write fIC!" levels but still.

Fandom post: Saiyuki Reload BLAST E01

Jul. 10th, 2017 12:57 pm
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Saiyuki Reload BLAST E01 (8/10) → Before we begin, lemme just say that how hyped I am that Saiyuki is back in anime form! I know the fandom never really went anywhere (the manga updates slowly but it is very much alive) but there's just something about anime that makes it easier for people to latch on to that I'm hoping that this will revive the fandom enough to the level of activity that I experienced back in high school.

I already went on a mini Tweet rant about the anime right after watching it, but I'm expanding on my initial thoughts here. Putting this under a cut to spare y'all. )

Saiyuki was a big part of my high school life. I'm sure I've already talked about how it was my first fandom before, in a previous entry, but augh I'm just. So happy that it's got a new anime. When the announcement first came out, I went through Twitter to see how people were reacting and it warmed my cold heart to see just how many people were super excited for their childhoods to come back. A lot of them didn't even know the manga was still ongoing so they had extra fun catching up with it to prep for the anime.

It's a good time to be in the fandom ♥


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