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Title: Tempting Serpent
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Play/Lines:Othello: “Beware, my lord, of jealousy! It is the green-eyed monster which doth mock the meat it feeds on.” –Iago (III.iii.187-89)
Rating & Warnings: T, some dialogue from episode 17
Summary: She was nothing special, except in her own eyes.
Notes: For [ profile] 10_shakespeare. Wow, what a gap of time between the last one and this. Most terribly sorry if this seemed OOC, as I'm getting back into the Utena fandom again.

Set in the same setting as "Clockwork".

She was in the practice room, yet again. That pose, always so prim, belied the fact that she was a flawed woman. She was the only one who can see it seeping out beautifully as always.

“Next!” The shout commanded a sort of intimidation behind it. A quick flash of steel reached up to the balcony, a clang echoed its battle cry, and the squeaks of footwork attested victory for the captain.

Damn her talent. Damn her poise.

“Next!” And a young man stood up with his gear. Ahh, yes, the very same one she saw conversing with her as she past them by one day. He was on the student council. What a perfect match they made, and she hated them. Why was she comparing herself to the captain, yet again? Of course, because that was called a “vicious cycle” and bad habits were hard to break. Just looking at peons fawning over her made her sick.

Yes, peons, and she was no better than the rest of them. Nothing special, a voice seethed inside her head.

Maybe she should just leave. Leave them be, isolated in their beautiful perfection.

“No, I’ve beaten her! I’m the one who’s always been there in her heart.” Her hand clenched around a small trinket, as she descended into the void.

What happened next was too fuzzy for her mind to really remember.

Her hand gripped the railing, knuckles slowly turning white before it released the object, shoe soles softly clicking against the wooden floor. Then that stopped as well. She saw a shadow hiding in the corner, until it stepped forward.

Hmm, another girl. Her eyes narrowed as she sized the mystery girl.

She looks exactly like the boy below, she couldn’t help but repeat that thought over in her head.

Of course, she paid no attention to her, and stared at the match below. She followed her line of sight, and it was no coincidence.

She was eying…Juri.

The one who controls Juri is me! Her mind was screaming, like an itch that didn’t want to be scratched.

She didn’t care that she was openly glaring at this…tramp, mentally imagining she was being pricked a thousand places under her gaze. A collective echo of gasps interrupted her.

Her eyes broke away from the girl and looked down at the commotion. The boy lost, struck right near his heart. Of course she expected that because the captain was peerless.

Her attention was diverted yet again by a scoff from the mystery girl. Juri took off the headpiece and tilted her head up, blue eyes landing on one particular point.

It ended at the mystery girl. Juri didn’t look at her; she was paying attention to the mystery girl! She swore her dear Juri’s eyes softened when she saw that…usurper.

Why won’t you look at me like that? WHY?!

Her hands were clenched into fists. The mystery girl was flirting with the captain; she had to be.

Only I can look at Juri like that. Only me and no one else!
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