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Fandom: Final Fantasy VII
Characters/Pairings: Cloud, Fenrir and some birds
Rating: K/G
Warnings: None
Notes: I had AC!Cloud in mind when I wrote it, so it's set around that time. Originally this was supposed to be a fill for [ profile] birgitriddle over at [ profile] ff_santa but seeing as I'm over 7 months late, and didn't hit the 1000 word requisite (I do apologize for the lateness!) it might be better if I posted it to my personal journal instead.

The prompt was "sounds of nature". Title taken from OneRepublic's album of the same name.

Cloud was disappointed. His mouth was inching from a firm line into a full frown as he assessed his…situation. Glaring at the black, glossy beast in front of him, he tried fixing those groans and whines, but all it had done for the past two hours was to hiss—a quick spurt, sometimes a lingering yell—Cloud didn’t know what to do. He had foregone the usual route in favor for a more scenic one, and now he was stuck. So he sat next to the beast, slowly roaming his hand across the leather-padded seat, more for his comfort than anything else.

At least it wasn’t raining.

What could be the problem? Everything was fine when he left Edge, off on an overnight delivery. It roared to life, settling to a dull thrumming sensation as he left the outskirts of the city. The parcel didn’t seem so heavy either, and the poor thing didn’t make a sound en route to his destination. He even gassed it up before making the return trip.

‘How peculiar,’ he thought.

Getting up to rummage through the hidden compartment, Cloud found he had items for a tent, just in case. And there were some trees for cover nearby. Better yet Cloud moved towards those trees, a soft green hue shining on the clearing.

It was silent.

The crunch of his footsteps were amplified by his enhanced sense of hearing, much like the little squeaks of wooden floorboards in the church—slowly becoming his shelter. A home away from home. This wasn’t too bad; maybe a nice log to sit on, but otherwise this place was peaceful.

A breeze picked up, reminding Cloud of the dust-ridden rocky outcrops just outside of Edge. This one, however, felt crisp and clean—like freshly washed sheets Mom used to put up on a line to dry. Strands of his hair trailed ever upwards, as if playing with the wind. Cloud made a move to scratch his head—the same area—as his fingers alleviated the sudden itch.
He could call Tifa, and mused about it for a couple of minutes as he took his phone out, flipped it open, hovered his thumb over the speed dial, closed the phone and placed it back into his pocket. Then he doubted that was a sound judgment and repeated the action over again. Maybe it was better not to bother Tifa. A sigh tumbled out of his mouth, signaling the end of his fumbling. Okay, maybe he wouldn’t call Tifa—a tow truck perhaps? No… Cloud didn’t know of any numbers for tow trucks.

His ears perked up at the sound of birds chirping instead. It would really damage his pride if his ride was hauled by a tow truck or anything else, so he’d rather push that thought out of his head as he closed his eyes and really listened to the melody from the little creatures.

He would think about it later.
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