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Fandom: Puella Magi (Mahou Shoujo) Madoka Magica
Character(s): Kyoko, mentions of Sayaka
Rating: K/G
Warnings: Spoilers obviously for at least episode 6.

Notes: I'm BACKKKKKKKKK with a shiny new fandom. Change of writing style as I decide to try my hand at poetry.
Title taken from Lizst's solo piano works "Liebesträume" (German: Dreams of Love; Sing. "Liebestraum")

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Jan. 23rd, 2011 02:06 pm
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My internet keeps disconnecting on me.

So I'll announce unofficial hiatus until I can fix it.

Fucking hell.
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Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Title: Soul Sister
Characters/Pairing: Lightning, Serah, eventual OCs, hint of future Farroncest
Warnings: Angst, mention of death, shifting POV, language and violence later on
Rating: M
Summary:After the death of Claire and Serah Farron’s mother, Claire Farron enlists at the premier PSICOM military academy and training facility in Eden as a ward of the state sponsored by the Cocoon government. Emotional and physical tensions grow between her and her sister as Claire sheds her past and slowly grows into Lightning, the stoic new talent joining the Bodhum Security Regiment of the Guardian Corps, spearheaded by her mentor, Lieutenant Amodar. The relationship of the sisters finally comes to an irreversible breaking point as Serah is eventually revealed to be a Pulse l’Cie at Lightning’s 21st birthday.
Notes: My NaNoWriMo fic! It takes place pre-game, Lightning-centric from age 15-21. Hence the OCs that will pop up here and there throughout the fic. Cameos from the other XIII characters as well.

I want to make a special mention of Lissar's translation of Episode Zero. Without it, I couldn't have pieced together events from Lightning's early adolescence.

And finally a big thank you to [ profile] maplepie_tree for betaing!

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NaNo: Day 8

Nov. 8th, 2010 03:02 pm
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10413 / 50000 words. 21% done!


Trying to jump-start my writing, but I'm almost done with that long action scene, just adding the afterscene with it. Honestly, it's 7000+ words already, but that's what I get for writing action scenes and detailing every movement.

In class right now, have about an hour between class and work before, ending my day. Even with Daylight Savings Time done and over with (1 hour back!!) I am still feeling like there's not enough time. Also, I just realized I have Swedish Fish with me. JOY!
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I'm sipping vodka and cranberry-grape juice? With a little bit of 7-up. I dunno, but I don't have orange juice.

And OMG it's so good, like grape medicine. I actually have to be careful not to drink the whole mugful, but it's 5 inches away from me and I am so tempted. But if it'll put words on paper, then drink up self!

Oh, and I'm watching commentary of Community episodes. They are so funny!

I was talking to [ profile] lil_mooki earlier and...

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Crap. Feeling lightheaded. XD
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Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Characters/Pairings: Fang/Vanille/Lightning, mentions of Serah
Rating: M...for now
Warning: ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!!, threesome, but that's expected
Notes: In this AU, Light is...a high-end escort. No l'cie or any of that business, although the fal'Cie still exists.

Part IPart IIPart III

She could do worse than a married lesbian couple. )
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Title: Glass Ceiling
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Play/Lines:Othello: “In following him, I follow but myself.” –Iago (I.i.61)
Rating & Warnings: T, heavy spoilers for episode 34
Summary: What, exactly, is a fairytale?
Notes: For [ profile] 10_shakespeare

I have a story to tell you, and it is indeed a most wonderful tale. )
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Title: Aerophobia
Pairing/Characters: Sazh, Vanille, Fang
Prompt: 3. "Shut Up"
Rating: K
Warnings: Spoilers for up to Chapter 11
Summary: Sazh takes a joyride with Fang's help and Vanille's persuasion.
Notes: For [ profile] 10_orders, collaboration with [ profile] shinaka.

He would never utter l'Cie-food again )
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Title: Misery's Penance
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Play/Lines: Othello: "I understand a fury in your words, but not the words." -Desdemona (IV.ii.34-35)
Rating & Warnings: K, Warnings for episode 37/38, mentions of attempted suicide
Summary: Anthy's emotions get the better of her, and in a direction which she regrets.

Notes: For [ profile] 10_shakespeare. This could be like a companion piece to "Silence" but stands alone quite well on its own.

Why won't you answer me? )
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Fandom: Final Fantasy IV
Characters/Pairing: Rydia/Kain
Rating: K
Warnings: None, really.
Notes: Gift fic for [ profile] shinaka. It was her birthday yesterday, and I whipped this up (technically on her birthday, but didn't type it yet till now).

It was her calling )
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When you see this, post an excerpt from as many random works-in-progress as you can find lying around. Who knows? Maybe inspiration will burst forth and do something, um, inspiration-y.

NOTE: These are all my WIPs *and for collabs, from my share of the writing*.

I need some inspiration in here, STAT )
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Title: Silence
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Play/Lines: Othello: "To be direct and honest is not safe.” – Iago
Rating & Warnings: G, takes place during episode 29
Summary: Anthy found truth-telling difficult.
Notes: For [ profile] 10_shakespeare. Yay, a real drabble!

People will say things normally not said )
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Title: Clockwork
Fandom: Revolutionary Girl Utena
Play/Lines: Othello: “Keep up your bright swords, for the dew will rust them.” – Othello"
Rating & Warnings: G/no warnings
Summary: Miki duels with something in mind.
Notes: For [ profile] 10_shakespeare. First foray into Utena fanfiction! \m/

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WHEEEEEEEEEEEE I'M BACK AT SCHOOL. Had the internet come back on this morning. And I sorta nodded off in my only class today. I know, stay classy Phoeny.

BUT ANYWAYS, IT WAS OCEANOGRAPHY and I have two professors, Dr. L and Dr. B. B specializes in the rocks and L specializes in the biology part of oceanography. By the intro class, it seems pretty cool and then they both warned us that there WILL BE a ton of information to remember. Ugh, this isn't a history class, so I must shift my way of processing information. BUT POWERPOINT SLIDES! I love powerpoint slides, minimal writing, and I can focus on fanfic plotting.

So I got the paperwork for the campus job I mentioned (YES FOOD SERVICE), and I will fill it out and return tomorrow after classes. Lots and lots of classes. I don't eat lunch till 2:30pm at the earliest. So yea, I'll bring some snacks in my SWISS GEAR backpack (this is a giant among backpacks!)

Literature of Japan is turning out to be great, and I haven't had class yet! No attendance is taken, and I know when all the midterms are in advance, as well as reading assignments.

Also, we're having another heat wave this week. And two residential building opened up next to mine. I need to make friends over there, because their hallways are air conditioned. It looks more like a hotel than a college dorm building. But it's ok because it's 20 feet away.

And for something completely different:
So LeetNEET has published my review of Utena the movie here. I don't want to copypasta because then it'll really be tl;dr and that's not necessary.

However, the admin of the site told me to check out something: ACTA, or the Anti-Counterfeit Trade Agreement. Please, PLEASE go and take a look, because it's about (mostly internet) privacy rights. The link is right HERE. And as a fellow pirater, I can get sued for a lot if caught. But it's not limited to media and intellectual property. It applies to generic drugs as being deemed contraband, ISP service charging more to search for pirated material, and airport searches (and not just luggage checks).
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Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Characters/Pairing: Snow, Light, Sazh, Vanille, Fang, Hope, Serah
Rating: T
Warnings: LANGUAGE. And crack. And incessant vuvuzelas.
Notes: For [ profile] ffxiii_kink. Prompt was "Crack. Someone in the party, gets a hold of a vuvuzela."

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