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Fandom: Final Fantasy XIII
Characters/Pairings: Fang/Vanille/Lightning, mentions of Serah
Rating: M...for now
Warning: ALTERNATE UNIVERSE!!, threesome, but that's expected
Notes: In this AU, Light is...a high-end escort. No l'cie or any of that business, although the fal'Cie still exists.

Part IPart IIPart III

Gasping for breath, her lips locked with hers, which one, she wasn't sure. Her mind...was too foggy to really see. The lights were flashing in her head, warning her she drank way too much for her own good.

"Hmm," Lightning made a noise and decided to quip back with, "I guess you could say that, but it wasn't all it was cracked up to be," before sipping on her coffee again. She was mostly done with her plate and cup. Taking a glance at the other dishes, she surmised they were close to finishing as well. Now, to leave; there was no need to stay any longer. “Well,” she started, “I really must be leaving now. Thanks for the meal.”

Taking the hint, the couple stood up; Yun getting the payment and Dia escorting Lady Lightning-- for a change-- out to the front door. Claire hadn't felt this awkward since her first job, but she was doing her best to shake it off. Heh, it was because she had breakfast with the couple; that was all. A little too domestic for her taste, then. After receiving the payment (in the form of a credit chip transaction no less), Claire walked out of the house, but not without getting a “Come back again!” from the bubbly redhead. No worries, she was coming back, as per the contract.

“Wait!” Lightning heard as she turned around to the voice. Dia came bouncing up to her as she asked if Lightning would like to use their personal limousine.

“No that's not necessary. I'll catch an aircab.” Lightning politely declined the offer and walked towards the end of the block where there was a public call system and random cab service numbers plastered on the inside. Personal limousines were too intrusive for her; she didn't need any more attention than she was getting from her job.

The ride back home was uneventful. If Claire can be any more still, she would've heard her heart beating. Her headache was getting better, after some food and coffee. Just a light throb here and there, not too serious. She'd just take some medicine when she can finally be home. Those two, she hated to admit, wore her out.

Seeing a familiar dome shaped building, Lightning opened her purse and took out her credit chip. Swiping the card into the built-in carding machine, the fare was automatically deducted with Claire taking out some gil as tip.

“Thank you very much!” The cabbie yelled as he pulled off in search of the next customer.

Thank the Maker, she was finally home! Accessing the elevator (as she was indulging in not walking the stairs in heels after last night), she picked up her pace as she neared the door, scanning her identification card to disable the security features of the apartment. Once the door gave a little bleep of approval, she turned the knob and went it, closing the door with a firm shut.

Eagerly taking off those heels, she placed them in the corner of the top shelf somewhere in her room, so Serah wouldn't know she had the money to splurge on designer shoes, and how she had obtained said money. Grabbing a towel and some clothes from the dresser, her dress and underwear came right off and on the floor as Lightning went into the bathroom for a much needed shower. Yes, a long, hot, steamy shower was just what she needed.

“No thinking allowed,” Claire smirked as she adjusted the temperature of the water and gleefully stepped in. Hot water poured all over her body as she felt for her loofah and a bottle of body wash. Needless to say, Lady Lightning indulged in the moment for the next twenty minutes.

Once she came out of the shower, wearing lounge pants and a t-shirt, she made her way over to the couch, and flicked on the television. The device scrolled down and was at optimal eye level, the news channel on. Lightning wasn't exactly paying attention, as she sprawled herself over the couch, arms above her head upon a throw pillow.

【☆ →☆ →☆】

“Click,” as Lightning ended the call. She just got off the phone with her newest clients, a married couple. She could do worse than a married lesbian couple. After all, she was getting an unholy amount of gil for her trouble. She was very relieved that she won't have to worry about paying the bills on time, as long as she didn't screw up the job. What to wear, as this Saturday she was going to wine and dine at Chez Nora, the famous restaurant in town. Even better was that she ended her shift early that day, giving her ample time to get ready.

“Hello, I need to get to Chez Nora,” Lightning said as she entered the aircab. Lady Lightning had gotten further instructions to meet at the bar section of Chez Nora, with reservations under “Highwind”. What a peculiar alias, but she didn't question it. Apparently the couple was at an event earlier and snuck out to the restaurant, and managed to elude the media as well.

Turned out Lady Lightning fit perfectly in Chez Nora, in a little black dress that showed off her long, lean legs as she strode over to the bar, capturing the attention of the tender. “Vodka martini, please,” she paused, then added, “dry, shaken, with a thin slice of lemon peel.”

“Very well, mademoiselle,” the bartender nodded as he started on making the drink. She sat on one of the stools provided, and amidst the dim lights, began searching for her clients. Not that she was given a physical description but was only told that she would know as soon as she gave a look at them.

“Now that is quite a drink,” someone drawled behind her. The accent practically gave her away. Lightning turned around to face two women, both in stunning evening gowns. Bingo, did she just score with two very attractive women. Lady Lightning was pleased and relieved at the same time. In true Lightning fashion though, she would never admit that out loud.

"Shall we?" The redhead asked as soon as Lightning's drink came. She took a sip, and nodded in agreement afterwards. The women walked nearby to the entrance of the dining portion. "Three under Highwind," the taller one stated,as the man checked the list.

"Right this way, ladies," the man said as he traveled briskly across the room into a more private setting-- the V.I.P. section. Of course, Lightning mused, even though most of the customers were already well-known; this was taking more than a step further. The lighting designs were abstract, yet tasteful. There were even chandeliers hanging from the ceilings. Inwardly Lightning thought, 'Keep a cool head. No need to squeal at how fancy everything seem to be.'

【☆ →☆ →☆】

"Claire, are you awake?"

Huh? The woman opened her eyes, to stare at the face of her sister. The television wasn't showing the news anymore, and was currently airing some gossip or entertainment show. The hostess had a really nasal voice. Lightning treated it as if it were background noise, which it was.

"When did you get back?"

"Just now. Have you eaten yet?"


"Well, I'm starving. Time for some break--lunch," Serah corrected herself as she glanced at the clock, "Brunch then. Sure you're not hungry again?"

"Maybe some coffee then," Lightning said, as Serah prepped the ingredients and started the coffee pot. She turned her attention to the television set, and it was about a celebrity couple on the verge of a breakup. Yawn, boring day, more like it.

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